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            Upcoming Shows

            Schedule for April 10, 湖北福彩快3 - April 17, 湖北福彩快3

            Fear and Immunity / Open Lines

            Hosted by Lisa Garr
            Guest(s): Bruce Lipton

            In the first half, (, who is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. He'll discuss how fear could be your greatest danger in the fight against infection. Followed by Open Lines.

            Show Archive

            Making Peaceful Contact/ E.T. and Physics

            Hosted by Jimmy Church
            Guest(s): Dr. Steven Greer, Deep Prasad

            First half: joins guest host () to discuss his new film and how deceptive events created by shadowy unacknowledged projects in the military and intelligence community are designed to sow fear and division among humans regarding the ET presence.

            Second half: , physicist and CEO of startup tech company , will discuss his own ET/Contact experience and the current science of Alien Tech as it deals with our current knowledge of physics.

            6p-10p, Pacific: "Somewhere in Time" with Art Bell - Coast to Coast AM goes back in time to April 9, 1996, when Art Bell hosts a night of Open Lines talk radio during the Freemen debacle in Montana with calls ranging in topics from the Montana standoff, doom and gloom news, technology's reach into modern life and much more.

            Show Archive

            Intelligence Agencies and History

            Hosted by Ian Punnett
            Guest(s): Brian Crim

            Associate Professor of history at Lynchburg College, is an expert in the history of 20th century warfare and how the national security aparatus (sometimes referred to as the deep state) has been a driving force in implementing controversial intelligence operations such as Project Paperclip, which incorporated ex-Nazis into the American Military Industrial Complex. He joins Ian Punnett () to discuss how intelligence has always been politicized and he will draw parallels between World War II, the Cold War, and what is happening right now.

            Show Archive

            Pandemic Earth Changes/ Art Bell Tribute

            Hosted by George Noory
            Guest(s): Peter Ward

            In the fist half, biologist will discuss nature's response to the change in human activity including clearer air and water, increased presence of wildlife and a surprising major drop in seismic activity.

            Second half: George Noory will revisit some of the most memorable moments in the career of Art Bell, as well as visit with friends and frequent guests who will share their memories and pay tribute.

            Show Archive

            Medical Corruption/ Surviving the Apocalypse

            Hosted by George Noory
            Guest(s): Kent Heckenlively, Judy Mikovits, E.A. Koetting

            First half: and Dr. will discuss revelations about the deep corruption in the medical industrial complex including scientific fraud and brazen intellectual dishonesty among those who sacrifice human health for corporate profits.

            Second half: Black magician will discuss how we are in the first wave of the seven waves of apocalypse and how we can prepare ourselves for pending changes, as well as ways to manifest strength, overcome fear and focus on a compelling future.

            Show Archive

            Earth Changes/ Financial Security in Troubled Times

            Hosted by George Noory
            Guest(s): Barbara Hand Clow, James Paris

            First half: will discuss her latest work on the shifting energies of the planet - the galactic trends happening right now and massive transformative changes on Earth involving the coming battle between humanity and artificial intelligence.

            Second half: Author and radio host will discuss prayer, financial miracles, and how we can find financial solutions and achieve personal breakthrough. Jim will offer practical tips and advice on how to stay upbeat through the current climate we are in and he will talk about how it might be an opportunity.

            Show Archive

            Ancient Secrets/ TBA

            Hosted by George Noory
            Guest(s): Michael Tellinger

            First half: Scientist and researcher, has been obsessed for almost 30 years with science, the cosmos, and the origins of mankind. He will discuss updates on his ongoing research on vanished civilizations all over the world, Ancient ruins - stone circles, ancient advanced technology and lessons from the ancients in quantum physics as well as an update on fossils of reptilians, giants, and possibly Anunnaki. Second half guest, TBA.

            Show Archive

            Dean Martin and Showbiz/ Open Lines

            Hosted by George Noory
            Guest(s): Deana Martin

            First half: World-class entertainer, New York Times best-selling author, a gifted actor, and vocalist, has made a name for herself beyond being the daughter of legendary entertainer Dean Martin. She will discuss her career in show business and how much she has seen the industry change over the span of her life. She will also share memories of growing up with a famous parent. The last two hours will be Open Lines.


            Last Night

            discussed vaccinations in the age of COVID-19. spoke on biblical prophecy related to recent events.

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