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            NASA proposes massive project in a crater on the far side of the Moon.
            — ROOM Space Journal

            The group's reaction to the pandemic and their reaction to press coverage.
            — Daily Beast

            Should the concept of "animal uplift" reamin in the realm of sci-fi?
            — VICE

            Will an ancient skill be lost because of GPS and smart phones?
            — Aeon Magazine

            High-status persons were apparently the recipients (and victims) of surgical intervention.
            — Ancient Origins

            For decades, scientists have suspected that some of the light that escapes from around massive black holes nearly doesn't make it.
            — Space.com

            Long before Fabergé, ornate ostrich eggs were highly prized by the elites of Mediterranean civilizations during the Bronze and Iron Ages.
            — PhysOrg.com

            The planet’s temperatures spike around the latitudes where auroras show up.
            — Smithsonianmag.com

            Conspiracy peddlers of every stripe are increasingly twisting the pandemic to bolster their world views.
            — VICE

            On a summer evening in 1971, Debbie Clayton was relaxing at her 湖北福彩快3 near Edwards Air Force Base when she was startled by a deafening roar.
            — Mysterious Universe

            Imagine having an unfiltered, direct view of Area 51 and the Tonopah Test Range airport from the air, and not breaking any laws.
            — Mystery Wire

            The pink supermoon name is a Native American reference to an early-blooming wildflower and is first seen as spring begins.
            — BBC News

            Lalastein unveiled his insanely realistic 3D-printed mask on Twitter last month.
            — Oddity Central

            Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov claims he was at 湖北福彩快3 in Moscow when a UFO swept down, piloted by beings in 'yellow spacesuits' in 1997.
            — Mysterious Universe

            A cohesive rundown of the many astronomical bodies.
            — Popular Mechanics

            Some scientists warn there’s a small but real possibility the virus could take refuge in a new animal host and reintroduce it to humans in the future.
            — National Geographic

            Researchers think that upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, the already-fractured comet likely broke up into several more pieces.
            — Smithsonianmag.com

            Johnson's interactions with faeries took many paths and she may legitimately be seen as a mystic.
            — Dead But Dreaming

            Spices have been eaten for millennia. Turmeric and chili, in particular, have been researched extensively in recent decades.
            — BBC Future

            One of Doctor Who's most iconic villains was filmed patrolling the streets of a UK village ordering people to stay at 湖北福彩快3.
            — Unexplained Mysteries

            Astronomers have detected two stellar corpses whirling around each other, and they might be producing gravitational waves.
            — Space.com

            A protein analysis suggests the supposed cannibal species Homo antecessor was distantly related to humans and Neanderthals.
            — LiveScience

            Doing so could help us mature as a species, writes Jerome Barkow.
            — Scientific American

            When the going gets tough, the rich get going … to deluxe bunkers.
            — New York Post

            Quite a few Russian cosmonaut UFO reports were swept under the carpet reports Brent Swancer.
            — Mysterious Universe

            Google is using data harvested directly from users' devices to reveal how different countries, regions and cities are responding to the coronavirus lockdown.
            — Daily Mail

            The BBC reported that videos purportedly showing cellphone towers on fire were posted online claiming a link between 5G technology and the COVID-19 crisis.
            — FOX News

            Amateur astronomers will be able to see asteroid 1998 OR2 with small telescopes during its flyby of Earth on April 29.
            — Space.com

            Scientists have been attempting to solve the 1,400-year-old mystery of Japan's 'pheasant tail' sky phenomenon.
            — Unexplained Mysteries

            Researchers around the world have quickly pulled together combinations of neural networks that show real promise in diagnosing COVID-19 from chest X-rays and CT scans.
            — ZDNet US

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